You’ve probably heard the phrase “smart home” or “smart home technology” thrown around before, or noticed certain products advertised as “Wi-Fi-connected.” There’s definitely some confusion and misinformation surrounding those terms, but they’re not as complicated as some may think.

A smart home refers to a house or other residence with things like heating, air conditioning, security cameras, lighting, appliances, entertainment systems, and more that can be controlled remotely using the Internet.

For example, a Wi-Fi-connected thermostat allows homeowners to manually control their thermostat right from their smart phone or program a temperature schedule to avoid heating and cooling an empty house.

A smart security camera allows homeowners to see live footage on their phone of who’s on their front doorstep, what’s going on in the nursery, and what the family pet is doing, and use the two-way audio feature to communicate.

There is even a smart device that detects water leaks and frozen pipes, sending rapid notifications to your smartphone so you can handle the problem before it’s too late. With smart home technology, the possibilities are endless.

These products may sound futuristic to some, but smart home technology is already a booming industry, bringing energy savings, control, and convenience to millions of people across the world.

Ask your technician about what smart home technology is right for your household.


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