Humidification is a process of adding moisture to the air – one of the most important aspects of total indoor comfort, yet one of the least understood.

Fortunately, there is a humidifier out there for everyone, and licensed contractors like us help homeowners select the best one to meet their specific comfort needs by considering many different factors. Take a look at some important ones below and ask us about your options during your next service or maintenance visit, or simply call us for more information.

1) Does anyone in your home suffer from asthma or frequent colds?

Cold, dry air can aggravate asthma, as well as contribute to the spread of respiratory infections and viruses. Certain humidifiers are better for alleviating discomfort caused by such issues.

2) Do you want to protect you home and possessions?  

Static shock and dry skin, eyes and throat can all be traced back to air that’s not properly humidified, but that’s not all. Dry air can cause structural damage to your home and possessions and produce cracks in hardwood floors, wood furniture, and walls, the results of which can be quite costly. And those annoying static shocks? They can cause irreparable damage to your electronic equipment.

3) Do you want to humidify a specific room or your entire home?

One room humidifiers are perfect if, for example, you’re looking to make your bedroom more comfortable but don’t want to add humidity to your kitchen or living room. Whole house humidifiers do exactly as their name suggests and humidify an entire home.

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