We wanted to share some helpful tips to making sure your air conditioner unit works at the top efficiency between professional maintenances. 

  • Air Filters​
    • Check to make sure your air filter is clean at least once a month for a basic 1" filter.This inexpensive item should be changed regulary to help prevent restricting air flow with your unit.
    • We recommend getting the middle grade filter. You don't want to choose the cheapest one but you also don't need the most expensive. 
  • Clean the Outdoor Unit
    • Between professional maintenance checks, make sure the outside unit is free of dirt, leaves, vines, etc. 
    • You should have atleast 2-3 feet clear around the outdoor unit and 4-5 feet above it cleared. The more air flow, the more efficient the unit will run.
  • Thermostat
    • Make sure to regularly check and change your batteries in your thermostat, this can prevent any inconvenient break downs.
  • Air Vents
    • Make sure to keep all air vents open to help your unit be able to disperse the cold air. Restricting air flow in your home can cause the unit to malfunction causing breakdowns.

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