Most modern boilers last approximately 15 years before they need replacement. However, heavy usage and poor maintenance significantly decrease your boiler's lifespan. If you've noticed loud popping noises, high utility bills, or inconsistent water temperatures, your unit likely needs repair or replacement.

At Seliga Heating and Cooling, we offer boiler repair and installation throughout St. Louis, MO. When you call our team, we can quickly determine problems with your unit and can recommend both short-term and long-term options that will save you the most money.

Improve Your Boiler's Efficiency

Although boilers in St. Louis, MO may last for over a decade before they fail completely, you may want to consider swapping your unit a little early if you want to lower your utility bills. New boiler systems often have an 80% to 90% energy efficiency, whereas older systems may only work at 50% to 70% efficiency.

Our technicians can quickly replace your old, dirty boiler for a newer model with minimal interruption to your busy schedule. And after our initial boiler installation, we can provide routine safety checks and maintenance to ensure your new unit performs at optimum efficiency.

Save Money With Our Team

At Seliga Heating and Cooling, we understand that you might not have the funds to replace your unit immediately. So if needed, we will repair your current model for an affordable price. Our trained team in St. Louis, MO has the skills, experience, and equipment to restore your boiler so it runs at its best.

Additionally, we offer a variety of coupons so you don't have to pay full price for our boilers or services. We also have several financing options available with approved credit to cushion the cost. Better still, we give free, no-obligation quotes for our services, so you know you're getting the best price.

To learn more about our installation process, or to schedule repairs for your current boiler, call us at (314) 481-7333. 

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