Seliga Heating and Cooling offers a range of whole house air filtration options. Improving air quality in your home can improve your health, comfort,and your peace of mind. A typical inexpensive throw-away filter captures less than 3 percent of particles in the air that passes through it. Even though it does its job of getting the big particles before they clog up your cooling coil, the microscopic particles go right on through. On the other hand, the 3M and Filtrete super allergen one inch filters take care of the smallest particles but restrict air flow causing major problems with your systems performance and shortens component life.

Electronic air cleaners can capture over 99 percent of air borne particles by using electronically charged cells. Electronic Air Cleaners are great for those with allergies and will even clean cigarette smoke out of the air. Electronic filters are truly the best at improving indoor air quality. They also are washable and just need to be hosed out every couple of months.

Seliga also offers media box filters which are wider than the standard one inch filters and are of the accordion style. These usually last a full six months or more and are disposable. They filter the smallest of particles without restricting air flow.

Whatever type of filter you have, it is a good idea to clean or replace it regularly, and it's a good idea to check its condition monthly. Dirty filters restrict air flow and make your system work just that much harder to produce your desired comfort.

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